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- Terry Pratchett

More than anything, a first draft is an exploration. As a writer, you have an idea, the glimmer of a vision—a moment of inspiration that sets you on a journey. Then you begin to write, and with each word you put down, your idea takes shape. Suddenly, you are the author of a tale whose possibilities are equal to the depth of your imagination.

A first draft is exploring your possibilities and choosing which paths to follow in pursuit of that glimmer of a vision. And at the end, you have a story.

Your first draft is your map. As you continue to write, to polish the raw material of your first determined effort, you will find yourself expanding upon it, learning inside and out the story that you have brought into being, and questioning how to make it more rich, more alive.


This is the process of developmental editing.

Editing the manuscript that you have already labored over for months or years is never easy.

The good news is that writing does not have to be a solitary profession!

The Editor's Couch is here for you, whether you are just beginning your journey or you haven seven drafts under your belt and still see room for improvement. If you want to consult on specific issues with your project, I do that too. Please have a look at the Services page to see if I might be the editor for you, and I encourage you to Contact me if you have any questions.


As a young writer, I was horrified to discover, upon completion of the first draft of my novel, that it was not, in fact, perfect. But a rough first draft is a natural part of the writing process. This experience led me to understand the value of good editing. I still write, but I also love working with authors to help them realize their visions.

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The Editor's Couch

"Before a character can captivate others,
first it has to captivate its creator."

- Kathryn Milam

Hello! My name is Kathryn Milam and I edit fiction, both short and long form. I am a developmental editor, which means I help authors to evaluate the "big picture" aspects of their work. A strong plot structure, dynamic characters, and a full, well-rounded fictional world are all essential for creating stories that connect with readers.

While I now work as an editor, I received my Bachelor of Science in anthropology from the University of West Georgia in 2013. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to serve as an editorial intern for the literary magazine, the Georgia Review. This experience solidified my love of editing. My small business, The Editor's Couch, offers high-quality developmental editing to fiction authors, approaching such projects as collaborations. I understand and appreciate the hard work of being an author, and aspire to approach all projects with empathy, authenticity, respect, and intentionality.



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For questions, quotes, or anything else, please feel free to send me a message!

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